Stacked Townhouse

A stacked townhouse is a cross between a condo and a townhouse. Like traditional townhouses, stacked townhouses are attached dwellings, each with their own front door. The units are arranged in a two-story design. But just like condos, a stacked townhouse contains multiple units in each building.

The facing is a combination of aluminum panels and brick. The Interior design is a combination of drywall & expose concrete.
From your imagination to reality

Raw Elegance: Embracing the Authentic Warmth of Timeless Materials

Interior design has been characterized by infinite alternatives in coatings, finishes, and furniture to achieve unique and unrepeatable spaces. Designers are constantly coming up with innovative solutions and materials specifically created for a distinctive spatial perception. However, there is also a trend that seeks the warmth of the interior spaces by exposing all raw materials as they are. The richness of materials such as wood and concrete gives that feeling of durability and low maintenance that, combined with an attention-to-detail design, make spaces look warm yet staying true.